30 Days – Day 6: The Dreaded Junk Draw

6 Mar

Ah the Junk Draw, maybe it’s a junk basket, or a junk cupboard for you? For me it’s the two draws at my computer desk/home office. I try to go through that draw at least once a month, wipe down and purge, I keep up well with it.

This task wasn’t too daunting for me, but I did, however, remove a good few items and put it into some more ‘permanent’ storage, i.e. some plastic draws in my bedroom cupboard. I put items into those plastic draws that don’t require frequent use so whenever I do need to make use of the items I just walk and get them. This prevents my ‘office area’ from looking overly cluttered, and as a result puts my mind at peace when I sit here.

I’m very honest with myself about the draw contents, but sometimes you just don’t have a place for something and that’s how it ends up in your junk draw! 🙂 Maybe I’ll muster up the courage as I continue to reassess and get rid of many more items.

Good thing I have loads of cupboard space since my cupboards aren’t stuffed to a brim with clothing 😉

Check out my after pics!

The Junk Draw 1 - all neatened up, there are some thing in here that don't fall into frequent use but so what! 😛

The Junk Draw 2 - this is kind of my 'work' draw, anything pertaining to my work with the Community paper, so underneath the control journal is my copy of our latest issue. I also store my 'cords' I've wire tied them to make them less cluttered!

Turn to page 9 and check out how to go about tackling that Junk Draw!

If you’d like to join me on my 30 Day Challenge, it’s not too late! Pick up a copy of 30 Days to an Organized Home. See you guys tomorrow!

P.S. This ebook contains loads of extras such as cleaning checklists and pages for your family binder, which we create on Day 10!


One Response to “30 Days – Day 6: The Dreaded Junk Draw”

  1. easygoingorganizer March 6, 2012 at 2:18 pm #

    This is on my list of things to tackle. Thanks for the ideas!

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