30 Days – Day 7: Mudroom and Laundry room

7 Mar

We’ve made it a whole week!! *dance dance*

Now even though I don’t have these two rooms by definition, I do have a ‘laundry’ room which is in my kitchen, I have a super small kitchen, you’ll see the pictures when we reach cleaning out the kitchen! So the washer and dryer exist in there and my washer is frequently used as an extra counter top because of how small the kitchen is.

Funny – daughter comes to me and asks to be put on the counter (she was referring to the washer LOL)

Turn to page 10 in your books to get the lowdown on how we’re tackling that laundry room and making it sparkle from head to toe! 😉

If you’d like to join me on my 30 Day Challenge, it’s not too late! Pick up a copy of 30 Days to an Organized Home. See you guys tomorrow!

P.S. This ebook contains loads of extras such as cleaning checklists and pages for your family binder, which we create on Day 10!

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