Quiet Books

31 Mar

I stumbled upon this somewhere and just thought they were SO beautiful, I bookmarked them all hot and heavy telling myself yes I’ll sit and do this, of course time comes and goes and I still haven’t even made a remote attempt at doing this, and to be honest have no idea where I’d find the time to even attempt it!

But I thought I would share the links with you that I did find because they are truly worth sharing.

Here are various links to quiet books, they are very indepth and the best that I found, containing instructions and layouts of the entire pages.

Quietbook has her breakdown of her entire book here page for page (this site is entirely dedicated to the Quiet Book concept and is very thorough)

All other pages below give you various pages you can include if you prefer, it’s just options for different activities you can put into the book.

Imagine our life  How to sew quiet book pages 

Imagine our life  Collection of 2011 quiet book pages

Imagine our life Spy Page

Imagine our life  Forest Page 

Imagine our life  Brush your teeth Page

Imagine our life Dinosaur Page 

Imagine our life Circus Train Page

Serving Pink Lemonade other beautiful page templates

Homemade by Jill also has some great templates

CraftyChic’s girly quiet book  (this just contains pictures of her book, but after looking at the others you’d be able to put this together easily)


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