My Book storage – FINALLY!

2 Apr

I have a good amount of books, I can’t say a ton or anything, but it takes up two plastic containers worth. They’ve sat inside of there for over 3 years now! I analy organized them in there that I could see every spine and choose any titles I wanted to easily and loved that it protected my books.

Why did it stay in the boxes? Well I had no bookshelves, so I left it in there and would, hmm can’t say frequently or even semi frequently, I’d check on my books and pull out a couple to read. Usually seeing about 5 at a time insisting that I’ll skim through them all at once. That’s another post, my lack of attention span, this has been put into my todo list for another post…

Back to where I was going! So I had my son on my bed kicking and playing and said alright let’s pull out those containers and sort NOW! If you remember my Christmas decor post, you can vaguely see my beautiful shelf.

My husband built this! I have to admit I wasn’t happy when it first set foot in this house, but several people have come to our home and admired it. I feel guilty now for being such a nightmare! I digress… I told myself ok I’m putting the books on the ‘bookshelf’ mind you this bookshelf isn’t a very traditional one, but it’s beautiful, and is housing the books very nicely!


In the bottom right, I’ve added some of my daughters books, as I was organizing she pulled out one of my books and said ‘I want read’, so immediately I thought well duh let’s make a corner for her too! I haven’t put all her books here only a few, just some she may enjoy to sit on the couch and go over.

I hope our bookshelf inspires us all to grab a book and take a read, because it’s been far too long!


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