Letting go… Part 2

4 Apr

So… My whole book organization thing brought me to this next part of letting go, and it’s what I’ve learned for myself.

Magazines and books are dangerous things… The inspire us to hang on to them, no matter how old, or how irrelevant they are to our lives. I’m a book packrat, and find letting go of them very difficult.

Magazines I’m a lot more forgiving on myself, but spend time ripping out articles which I think are so necessary to never ever see them again!

Why am I telling you this? To show you you’re not alone!

What I’ve discovered, at least with my magazine collection, thanks to the Internet, honestly this even applies for the book collection too but I’m not emotionally ready ok!!! Sorry back to it, thanks to the Internet, we can find almost anything (probably everything) online! In a digital format that doesn’t take up any physical space creating visual clutter and disturbing our auras!

Yup I said it… So goodbye to my magazine collection, and all those stupid pages I’ve never even read again! Man am I proud! One less thing to go through! 🙂

I promise I’ll tackle my book collection after I see if having them out of the containers has made any difference to my use of them!


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