Clearing that email inbox

6 Apr

I follow a blog called Zen Habitsand I have to tell you that it’s a total wealth of information on simple living and without a doubt is an AMAZING resource for simplifying every area in your lives!

I started tackling my email inbox thanks to a chapter in his Minimalist Guide to Simple Living book and have realized that he also has an excellent article on this on his blog that spells out exact steps on regaining your email sanity.

I’ve been processing my email, I realized my inbox was RIDICULOUS, before reading the book or even this article I started feeling like it was just too much and began unsubscribing from emails, great first step, this stopped having over 20 emails on a morning of stuff I mostly deleted anyway (why I didn’t do this before I have no idea).

So now I’m not adding to my email clutter, great! But I had over 4,200 emails in my inbox, yup you’re reading that correctly! It’s unbelievable how I mounted so much clutter in my inbox without even realizing it telling myself in case of situations determined me leaving them there. But what I didn’t consider was a neat little button in my gmail called archive. Why didn’t I know about this before?? How great would it be to look at an empty inbox? I am in the process of deleting mass amounts of email before I hit that archive button, because archiving 4200+ emails is just totally unnecessary!

So I’m in a mass wipe out session, and you’d be insanely amazed to know that I’m down to 1,855! And I will continue going and let you know my final number, but I do know I will never let it get like this again! After I’ve determined how many are actually going to be archived I will be sure to tell you and let you know how my ongoing efforts are!

I also have several folders on the side, which I’ve recently realized are just totally useless, of them the only one that’s actually important is the ‘important’ folder where I keep original login info emails from sites, I’ve started to manually input these into my household notebook. However, I will sort through this folder also so everything is easily identifiable and more efficient to use.

Other than that folder and an action folder I will delete, add to my to do list or archive right away. I’ve actually been effectively doing this for a couple weeks now and I’m very proud to say I’m regaining my sanity in my crazy email inbox!


One Response to “Clearing that email inbox”

  1. easygoingorganizer April 7, 2012 at 1:12 am #

    Wow! That’s a lot of email! Thanks for the great link. Very useful!

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