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Letting go…

1 Apr

Sometimes we attach such importance to stuff, it takes up space and without realizing it, time and energy as well. Oh that’s crazy you must be thinking but it’s true, it’s a box of things we know we just ‘can’t’ get rid of. We go through it and most of it stays! I have one underbed storage container that it’s never easy for me to empty.

Truthfully I’m very merciless, I don’t hang on to sentimental stuff too much and I’m usually able to objectively get rid of a lot of stuff. But what do you do with all those old pictures and what about that year book? I’ve allowed myself to keep these things because honestly, it doesn’t take up THAT much space that it’s affecting me mentally to the point of a break down. But I do try to revisit that container ever so often to objectively remove one or two more items. Maybe, one day I’ll reach empty! ūüôā

What about those ‘what if’ items, oh yes! You know what I’m talking about! The pack of chalk pastelles that costed so much money and you hate chalk pastelles but refuse to get rid of! (This example so won’t apply to most of you lol!) But we do this with so many items, luckily for me I gave it to a friend who loves them and would have use for it! Don’t mind I’m sure he hasn’t touched them yet and it’s been 3 years.

If you haven’t used it in a year… Get rid of it… Sometimes we have to admit that our lives just don’t allow for these items. Or, if you feel as though it is something that you would like to start back and want to make the time for this is where time management comes in (we’ll tackle this another time) but you’d have to actually schedule time for this to occur!

I have to admit like I said before… Sewing isn’t going to happen and I’m going to sell that machine soon, I have to admit I just don’t have time for art in my life anymore and decide to pass on all those great paints and left over pencils etc to my daughter so we can spend some quality art time together instead! ūüôā

What have you been holding on to? Is it time to let go?


Quiet Books

31 Mar

I stumbled upon this somewhere and just thought they were SO beautiful, I bookmarked them all hot and heavy telling myself yes I’ll sit and do this, of course time comes and goes and I still haven’t even made a remote attempt at doing this, and to be honest have no idea where I’d find the time to even attempt it!

But I thought I would share the links with you that I did find because they are truly worth sharing.

Here are various links to quiet books, they are very indepth and the best that I found, containing instructions and layouts of the entire pages.

Quietbook has her breakdown of her entire book here page for page (this site is entirely dedicated to the Quiet Book concept and is very thorough)

All other pages below give you various pages you can include if you prefer, it’s just options for different activities you can put into the book.

Imagine our life  How to sew quiet book pages 

Imagine our life  Collection of 2011 quiet book pages

Imagine our life Spy Page

Imagine our life  Forest Page 

Imagine our life  Brush your teeth Page

Imagine our life Dinosaur Page 

Imagine our life Circus Train Page

Serving Pink Lemonade other beautiful page templates

Homemade by Jill also has some great templates

CraftyChic’s girly quiet book¬†¬†(this just contains pictures of her book, but after looking at the others you’d be able to put this together easily)

What’s going on?

28 Mar

This blog has been a huge mix of things, and I want you my readers to tell me if I’m heading in the right direction.

It’s become a lot of organizing/clutterfree/minimalism type stuff, does this bother you? If it does let me know!

I will start to throw in some more real life living type posts so stay tuned! But will continue to do a mix of everything that is parenting since it seems to be what everyone enjoys!


18 Mar

I think I’m reaching the point, where I have to admit that, I no matter how much I¬†genuinely¬†want to sew, just don’t have the time or the true will power to do it.¬†

I REALLY REALLY wanted to do a sewing course and for years I’ve kept telling myself that I’d learn properly, but it’s never happened! I did start one, but couldn’t complete it due to work¬†commitments.¬†

Oh how I wish I did home economics in school, oh how far past that I am! Not exactly a situation where I can turn back, but I can say man do I regret not doing it because sewing is single handily one thing I wish over and over again that I did. 

I do know how to sew i.e. pull out the sewing machine and whip up some curtains/cushions, I even sewed my daughter a little jumper last year for Halloween, but other than that it just never happens.

It also stems from fear of pulling it out and dealing with my daughter standing there running away with my thread, stealing my seam ripper, or playing with the pins in the pin cushion… I have to say, impressingly ¬†(so not a word), my daughter has been stealing my pin cushion since she could walk and she’s played with those pins more times than I can count, and can you believe she’s never stuck herself!?¬†

I hide that thing away from her all over, but that little monkey can get to anything! As someone pointed out, one day soon I may find her on top of the fridge… LOL

Maybe I’m just hashing out my thought process on this whole sewing thing, trying to somehow find the answer for myself, but I do know it hurts me that I don’t spend the time, nor do I have the place to invest in quality sewing time.

For those of you who do manage to sew, how to you balance it with the kids? Bearing in mind, staying up past 11pm just isn’t in my books and I try my best on an evening after the kids go to sleep to spend time with the husband and write my blog posts…


Post Christmas Clean Up

27 Dec

You’ve just overwhelmingly opened the hugest mountain of gifts you’ve ever seen in your life and think, where is this going to all fit!? If you didn’t get chance to de-clutter before Christmas Day hit, now is the time to do it!

Create this simple rule, for every one item in – get rid of one item in turn.

A new DVD to add to your collection? Then get rid of one that you know no longer serves any use to you! How about a new Christmas pajama set – purge one that no longer fits! Your kids toys have multiplied times a hundred? Again for every one in get rid of another. If you’re feeling ambitious how about for every one get rid of two!

What about those gifts that you receive that you have no use for? If there is a possibility in re-gifting the item pack away in your gift closet and make sure to keep a note as to who gave it to you so that you avoid any sticky situations!

Also with Christmas toys the old ones may have lost their zeal, but are still items that your children will return to, how about storing in a plastic container in whichever storage area you have in your house to then cycle them out in a few months when the ‘new toy’ excitement has passed!

As FlyLady says it’s never too late jump in where we are! ūüôā

Finance for 2012

27 Dec

So! For 2012 our resolution will be to bring on some finance articles, I’m by no means an advisor of ANY sort, just a mom trying to find her way in household/financial management. SO I will aim to start publishing at least 1 financial articles a month (on top of everything else we randomly talk about on here) so that we can get the ball rolling in the right direction for us all!

Maybe this year thanks to these finance articles we will also prepare our Christmas budget well in advance of Christmas and avoid the rush of buying unplanned gifts during the holidays! So an aim for a peaceful holiday! ūüôā

I hope this article finds everyone in great spirits after their Christmas season and we look forward to the New Year and bringing it in with a bang!

Play Dough Recipe

19 Dec

So I searched for several different recipes online and after all of that I end up coming up with this one:
3 cups water
1/2 cup salt
3 tbs cream of tartar
3 tbs oil
3 cups flour

Mix water, salt, cream of tartar and canola.
Slowly blend in flour.
When blended turn on stove medium heat – stir constantly. Remove from heat and roll out to get any lumps out as well as add any food colouring you may desire.

Now I have to say hubs and I sat down to roll and mix and colour and wow was this batch a lot but I had 10 small containers for it to fit so it was perfect. However, I find that it was feeling a bit ‘crusty’ I’m not sure if I over cooked it or if it was drying out that quickly.

I’ll have to try another recipe and let you know how that goes. But all I can say is thank God I bought playdough 14 mini containers for $80 in Westport! Now I’m thinking about getting 10 for $125 of the big containers as well because apparently my making all natural play dough dreams are not coming true! Lol go figure!