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30 Days to an Organized Home – details coming soon!

17 Feb

Sorry I’ve been missing in action but I’ve gotten caught up in the mess that is carnival. Really it’s because I LOVE everything carnival! (I feel I gonna play yes!)

I will write up the details of the 30 Days to an Organized Home giveaway by Sunday at latest so that everyone can start entering for a chance!

Don’t forget we’re going through each room of our house in a 30 Days to an Organized Home Challenge where we will have you living in organizational heaven and happiness once complete!

For those of you interested in purchasing a copy head on over to Moms in a Blog to purchase your copy now!


Post Christmas Clean Up

27 Dec

You’ve just overwhelmingly opened the hugest mountain of gifts you’ve ever seen in your life and think, where is this going to all fit!? If you didn’t get chance to de-clutter before Christmas Day hit, now is the time to do it!

Create this simple rule, for every one item in – get rid of one item in turn.

A new DVD to add to your collection? Then get rid of one that you know no longer serves any use to you! How about a new Christmas pajama set – purge one that no longer fits! Your kids toys have multiplied times a hundred? Again for every one in get rid of another. If you’re feeling ambitious how about for every one get rid of two!

What about those gifts that you receive that you have no use for? If there is a possibility in re-gifting the item pack away in your gift closet and make sure to keep a note as to who gave it to you so that you avoid any sticky situations!

Also with Christmas toys the old ones may have lost their zeal, but are still items that your children will return to, how about storing in a plastic container in whichever storage area you have in your house to then cycle them out in a few months when the ‘new toy’ excitement has passed!

As FlyLady says it’s never too late jump in where we are! 🙂

Kids Room – Baskets organization

10 Nov

So in IAM on Charlotte Street and a $10 store on Henry Street on Saturday I found these cute baskets for my daughter’s room I LOVE them both! Those for some reason like the one with the whole all around a little more (stupid I know) but I want to run back there and buy more like NOW

Here’s what they look like! The left green one was $25 at IAM and the right pink one was $10 in the $10 store isn’t it fantastic! That $10 one is a real steal too! I want 100! 🙂 (K not literally!)

I took the opportunity to tally revamp her play area so it looked like this before:

And here is the after! :)Maybe not much of a difference to others lol but I love it! 🙂

Thinking about it, it doesn’t look like I made any progress with all the crap on the floor! LOL but I swear all those things pack neatly away too I was just so fascinated with my baskets I had to take a quick shot!! 🙂

The Kid’s Room

28 Oct

This room has been the bedroom, the nail room (I used to do nails, got banned when I got pregnant as I’m not allowed to lift the heavy water basin and well now I don’t know when I’ll ever be able to start back with number 2 on the way) and now finally it’s proper use, The Kid’s Room.

I came up with a vision and went with it, usually when moving my furniture my father always encouraged me to measure, I do it, but for the most part I’m very visual and have to see it in place for myself (even when I know it’ll fit or can’t fit!) to make sure I actually like the arrangement.

So the final placement in the room isn’t the ideal what I want, but everyone seems to love it though left up to me I’d flip everything! The tv went up on the wall though and I really don’t see how I’m going to successfully make that change! (yes TV in a Kid’s Room oh we’ll discuss that later!)

So the as you can see from this view as you walk into the room you are faced with the crib and the bed now if you remember from my previous post I had her play corner on that side before and ideally I’d like to switch it back to that side because I find it gives the illusion of being more ‘open’ (wish me luck switching it!)

To the right of that is where the play corner where her table and chairs are as well as her toys all laid out in the wire cubes (I think wire cubes are the best things ever created!)

And here we have her wire cubes storage! I love these things I’ve basically organised it with books one cube, puzzles another, are supplies, music corner, drawing and electronic books, just have fun with it basically wherever it fits and looks pretty! It gets messed up daily anyway and I have to repack everything but I love it and it makes me happy! 🙂

Wall Book Bin

9 Oct

Check out this Mama’s very cool tutorial on a

wall book bin that she got inspiration from another Mama.

Aren’t both of these rooms just beautiful! 🙂

Mission Organization

14 Sep

So I’m probably ‘nesting’ as per the whole pregnancy norm, however, I really do dislike this term! But we’ll use it anyway since everyone identifies with it.

I’ve started reading (n.b. just started!) The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Organizing Your Life by Georgene Lockwood I have the 4th edition, but apparently there’s a new one I need to get. Thanks to reading this I spend numerous hours in front of the computer searching for organization info via blogs and just pretty much whatever I can find. I promise I like organization regardless of pregnancy :). Pregnancy just pushes me into action a bit quicker, when you think about it that’s pretty funny seeing that I’m not technically allowed to lift or do anything strenuous, I promise I won’t overdo!

I digress (this will happen often) thanks to it I’ve found a whole heap of info on the subject and will be posting various challenges I put up myself up to and anything I think may be helpful in our journey of organization.

My first project in this home was to organize my daughter’s room so it can accommodate 2 kids happily and be a retreat for them to sleep, play and enjoy.