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What’s going on?

28 Mar

This blog has been a huge mix of things, and I want you my readers to tell me if I’m heading in the right direction.

It’s become a lot of organizing/clutterfree/minimalism type stuff, does this bother you? If it does let me know!

I will start to throw in some more real life living type posts so stay tuned! But will continue to do a mix of everything that is parenting since it seems to be what everyone enjoys!


Where are my heels?

11 Feb

Well they don’t exist anymore! I realized as they sat in my cupboard dry rotting due to lack of use they were just clutter. So in my true form and fashion I got rid of them, what was good, I gave away, and what wasn’t, were thrown away.

Funny – true story, my favorite red heels were these gorgeous cork heeled peep toes oh how I savoured wearing them for my nights on the town (k Zen and 51 kind of lame I know) so a year and 2 months after having my daughter, October 2010, I pull them out for a friends birthday lime at Frankie’s.

I’m not much of a drinker, though I do find myself sipping a few these past couple weeks due to just pure over indulgence appreciating that I’m actually allowed to have some! I digress (told ya this would happen often).

Anyhoo so here we are liming, drinking, having a good time, slight head in place and I’m walking over to my husband and I feel like I’ve stepped on something weird. I look down see nothing and proceed to walk off, then I feel it again! What the hell is that I’m thinking, then somehow manage to gain some perspective and realise it’s my… dun dun dun… sole of my shoe, yup you’re reading that correctly the damn thing is flapping!

As I try to walk it flips under and gives me quite an interesting walking experience. I had to walk backwards to make it to the car to borrow a friends shoes lol cause walking forward was well, a challenge to say the least…

Damn you sexy red heels for dry rotting! However, I cant blame you since it’s my fault you haven’t been used in 2 years… May you rest in peace!

Ah what I’d give to put on one sexy pair of killer heels… I’d need to buy one first! 😉

Keep your head up

31 Jan

I just read this article on TODAY. I just have to say, this is so true, it’s amazing how people do “just keep swimming, just keep swimming” (oh my gotta love that!).

I just watched a show called In Time – pretense of it is that time is what you live off of and not money, and when your times up well.. that’s it. I kinda wish we lived on time, but knowing us as humans it would of course somehow manage to also become a stressful situation.

If only we could spend everyday just enjoying it, painting, colouring, singing, dancing or just doing anything that tickles our fancy!

Life really sometimes isn’t fun, but when we do have actually have the time for all those moments – the singing, dancing, colouring… it definitely makes it worth it…

Our Chaotic Country

24 Jan

Last night at just after 10:45pm there were three gun shots. I initially thought nothing of it because it sounded so fake. There was this weird feedback sound I don’t know if it was because it was so close but it just didn’t sound real.

Don’t know what possessed us, but we looked out the kitchen window and there lay a dead body in the road surrounded by police.

Now several things are extremely disturbing about this whole scene. In no particular order:

1. Life can be taken in one split second – enjoy it!
2. No where in this country is safe, which brings me to number three.
3. As beauty queen Kamla slept, this scene occurred RIGHT OUTSIDE HER HOUSE. This strikes me as just unbelievably insane!
4. The body could be seen right from my daughters window, which thankfully because of her age she did not feel inclined to look out the window to the horrible sight, which was literally a stones throw away.
5. Forgot to add this body lay uncovered on the floor until after 1am!

What is going on? I hear today that he was shot for dancing on someone! Uh what!? Jealously is a hell of a thing, to the extent that someone has to be killed over it? This whole scene was so upsetting.

Mostly from the standpoint of a mother at just how close to home it was. My neighbour, home by herself, immediately messages me to ask if it was gunshots, which I confirm it was and someone is dead.

We then worry should we be in a state of fear seeing that the shooter could have easily hid in our apartment complex!?

Granted it wasn’t just a random spree, but that doesn’t make it any less terrifying.

I’m just so disappointed and I really think that parties should not take place in residential neighbourhoods period. I could give a shit that the prime ministers house is there. Our communities safety on the whole are far more important that some bump and grind fete and this coming from a 24 year old who’s priority should fall into this category, however, this is utter bullshit.

I hope this is pointed out in the press that this incident occurred but also where it occurred seeing as to who is my neighbour.

I wonder when the pageant will end and the real life duties will actually begin…

Babysitting Chaos

19 Jan

Chaos can occur once children are involved regardless of if they’re with you or a family member! You know you’ve got a sticky situation when you don’t know what the formula looks like when you mix a bottle, which you then become so concerned by it’s appearance, you throw it down the sink (can you believe she did that! I mean that’s like $4 gone down the drain lol) thinking this MUST be bad!

So let me free up my sister a bit – my daughter was breastfed via bottle exclusively for 4 months. I.e. I pumped breastmilk and she received it through a bottle, when she was first born we were living with my mom and everyone in the house knew the process – screaming begins, you put a cup of water in the microwave to warm while you’re pouring milk from a 32oz bottle into her 2oz bottle for a feed. Water done – drop the bottle in and let it warm up, bounce baby while trying to console her that the wait will be over soon – ok bottle is warm – in mouth! Ah silence!

Clearly so accustom to this process (which now, was 2 years ago, damn does time fly!) she just doesn’t even know what a bottle that she has to prepare formula looks like!

So when she mixes 2 scoops in 3oz of water and gets a ton of clumps, which she describes to me “looks like banana gone bad” LOL she had to throw it away. I’m like uh you just needed to mix it a bit more! Anyhoo! It inspires her to panic and freak out, which she then goes into the fridge to use a meager amount that’s in there (I think I’m drying up :(), the date on the bottle is the 15th, so unfortunately not good anymore, poor boy throws it up, she then figures out oh wait one scoop to 2oz (why she didn’t read the can first I have no idea, you would also think when someone leaves pre measured formula in a WHITE container for you and says ok one to 2oz, you won’t open the coloured container and attempt to use it with 3oz of water, who knows where she even got that measurement!!).

Yup my sister! She cracks me up too lol!

Angel Sleeps

17 Jan

And he sleeps.. and he sleeps… well in all fairness he wakes up to poop, then eats and goes back to sleep! Ah bliss! As a friend just pointed out he’s going to give a bad impression and make ladies think pregnancy and motherhood is awesome! However, I had my daughter first so I know better! But I know for a fact some parents to get than angel the first rounds then get hit for six when they have the ‘wicked’ one lol.

I have to say my daughter is AMAZING! I wouldn’t change her for ANYTHING, but man does she test me and my husband daily!

Come lets go bathe I say to her, “I bathe last night” is her response. Did you laugh? Cause my husband and I did! Or when you say DON’T DO IT and she watches you and steupses ah yes! This time we hold back a laugh!

Every single day something else happens that either makes us thing ‘why do you not listen’ or ‘aww, she’s so cute ah!’ yup both feelings occur many times during the day! When she’s asking to watch Dora then says no Diego then no doggie then… get my point?

I love my daughter, and my son! 🙂 My husband too 🙂 but WOW some days are challenging… thankfully one of my Angel’s sleeps while the other looks for every activity under the sun to keep her occupied! 🙂

Thought Provoker – Sex Education

13 Jan

So today I’m going to ask the question what do you think about Sex Education? Our society is very ‘reserved’ and have only recently started coming out of the box where this is concerned. Which to me is a great step forward because I think sexuality is a VERY important topic when it comes to parenting.

I’m not talking about teaching your children how to have sex, but teaching you children ABOUT sex. Too often we see someone get pregnant at the age of 16 because they are powerless, why? Because knowledge is power, and when we withhold it we create powerless teenagers/young adults.

Don’t go into too much of an uproar. But I am sure there are many of you moms and dad’s who think about the fact that our children do need education in this – in a way that is factual and provides our children with a means of expressing themselves in an open and honest way. Children should be able to ask questions as they see fit and have someone who can address them with honesty and openness but in ways appropriate to the age of the audience and not in any way further.

It’s about time that we provide full disclosure, telling people abstinence is best will only take you so far, have we not learnt this as yet? Why are our young adults prohibited from learning about the anatomy and sexual behaviours/decision making or orientation? Must we only use scare tactics of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases as a means of promoting abstinence?

Why not give children the knowledge to know yes abstinence is key, but knowing what forms of contraception exists, how their body works, why they feel certain ways, isn’t that important?

I really think this is something missing from our high schools, I went to an all girl, catholic high school and got very tired of hearing abstinence is the only way… it would have been way more enlightening to know the ins and outs of reproduction, relationships, and of course contraception options available, because the knowledge needs to be there so it can be applied effectively.

What do you as parents think and feel with regards to this?